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Product description

The OMEC BC-4 automatic four-axis nailing machine with numerical control has been designed to nail frames of wooden crates by means of nails or brads. The machine consists of: a store to allow the four wooden sides insertion, motorized fences and four pneumatic nailing guns placed horizontally. The box rises in steps: clamped and nailed with a number of nails set by the program. Once the nailing has been completed, an unloading arm extracts the box and places it on an idle unloading roller conveyor, allowing the operator to insert the new pieces. The adjustment of the box size (AxB) is done manually by means of two position indicators; the height (C) is instead adjusted automatically. All adjustments are made very easily by following the software instructions displayed on the monitor. The machine meets the Industry 4.0 requirements.

Technical data
  • On board machine installed power
    0,75 Kw
  • Working pressure
    0,7 MPascal
  • Boxes production
    300 n/h
  • Machine weight
    500 kg
  • Massa della macchina imballata
    600 kg
  • Packed machine weight
    155x165x167 cm
  • Over-all dimensions (l x w x h)
    170x170x170 cm
Dimensions and Processing
Dimensioni minime e massime dei mezzi
Minimum and maximum dimensions of vehicles
  • A
    110mm - 700mm
  • B
    80mm - 500mm
  • C
    30mm - 300mm
  • D
    10mm -
  • E
    6mm - 15mm
Video in action