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Product description

The OMEC F9TS combined milling machine has been designed and built to mill parallel joints on door frames. It is extremely easy to use, with a high-precision and fast work process. The machine uses its milling unit and two cutting units to produce 45° cuts and joints, and can be fitted with an (optional) drilling unit for pre-drilling screw holes. The machine mills the doorposts and top of the frame automatically one-by-one. The automatic cycle blocks, mills, drills and unblocks the pieces to be worked. All the controls are located on a built-in tactile control panel. The F9TS model is controlled by a numeric control, which runs the work cycle. The machine is also available in an oversize version (F9/75TS), which can work door frames up to 350 mm long and 75 mm wide.

Technical data
  • On board machine installed power
    9,5 Kw
  • Working pressure
    0,7 MPascal
  • Mill cutter
    1 N°
  • Mill cutter revolutions
    5600 n/1'
  • Blades
    2 N°
  • Blades revolutions
    2800 n/1'
  • Drill bit (Optional)
    1 N°
  • Drill revolutions
    2800 n/1'
  • Average production of cases
    60 n/h
  • Average production of crosspieces
    30 n/h
  • Average production of a full door frame
    25 n/h
  • Weight of the machine
    905 kg
  • Weight of the machine with package
    1000 kg
  • Overall dimensions
    132x160x150 cm
  • Package dimensions
    143x170x175 cm
Dimensions and workmanship
Dimensioni minime e massime dei mezzi
Minimum and maximum dimensions of vehicles
  • Length
    600mm - 2500mm
  • Width
    60mm - 295mm
  • Indents Height
    15mm - 50mm
  • Case Thickness
    15mm - 50mm
  • Crosspiece Thickness
    15mm - 50mm
Video in action